Get To Know Me!

Hi everyone!

I’m Tori and if you’re here then you have discovered my blog. Yay! I know that if it were me stumbling upon a new blog, reading posts from someone I may or may not know, I would want to learn a little bit about that person. So here it goes!

I’m currently in my last semester of college where I will be graduating with an English degree. Shocking, I know, that an English major would create their very own space of ideas. That’s exactly why I am here to be completely honest. I find myself wanting to write things down often in times of stress, happiness, boredom, etc. I have kept a journal on and off for years where I would write down just about anything I could think of. I would find myself sitting for hours just writing page on page about what happened that day or just recalling an old memory I might have. I’ve even have dreams and aspirations of maybe writing my own book one day! I have no idea what the genre of that book will be, nor how I would BS my way through it. Seeing as I have never had any real experiences with writing other than lousy research papers. One day we shall see. Until then, this is exactly what I want to be doing.

A little bit more about my hobbies and passions would be focused on my family, the gym, and lifestyle! Not only do I want a place I can come and be creative and let my ideas and thoughts be free, but I also want a place to share knowledge I have learned or experienced with the people who choose to stick around and hear what I have to say. I am currently engaged to the most wonderful man I have ever had the pleasure of doing life with. So that in itself is a big life change that we can go through together. Becoming a single woman just trying to make it through school without falling into a pit of despair, to becoming a woman with another last name and going on this journey with another human by my side at all times. It’s so magical to think about. When it comes to my fitness journey in life I have been a dedicated lifter for four years now. I am very passionate about exercising and health and I would love to share that with you all through this nice little portal I’ve created. Lastly, I hope that this blog can create a safe place for me to allow my dreams and ideas to flourish. I love expressing myself through home decorating, planting (although, my green thumb is not there, but I hope some day to better that), cooking, and writing.

I want to be here to inspire all of you to go outside of your comfort zone and to try new things. Because believe me, this is really pushing myself out of the box! Every one of us has talents that we are not aware exist, and you will never know of those talents if you don’t try new things. So lets learn and be together.

Author: LEARNandBEwithme

I have a passion for reading, writing and social media. I created this blog as an expression of myself to connect with others out there with the same interests as I do. I want this to be a domain for creativity and acceptance where we can all learn and be together!

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