Meet Honey!

This post is so exciting for me to write because our little family of three just became a family of four! I wanted to explain within this post of how this spontaneous decision of adding another puppy to the mix came to be.

After getting Mozza in March of 2017, we knew we were going to be a two dog family. We loved having a fun puppy to watch grow up and felt it always brought excitement to the day. He was (and still is) a handful! But we definitely felt like he needed a friend. Besides, when we went to pick out a puppy the first time, I wanted a girl puppy but Jared fell hard for the rambunctious Mozzarella. So of course I was going to eventually demand a girl!

We originally talked about getting another puppy directly after I graduated since that would be the perfect time for training. I was only working part time since the wedding was coming up and I would be home for most of the day. That’s how it was with Mozza and it made it easier for us and for him. We started searching around and we could only find puppies available in Ohio or Texas. And since we live in Virginia, that was way too far to travel for a puppy. We found a couple located a short drive away, but they were ready to come home late August, and since we got married the beginning of September, we didn’t think it would be right to get a puppy right before leaving for a honeymoon. So we put it on the back burner.

Two days before the end of our Ithaca adventure, we face-timed my sister to see Mozza. We both were missing him so much and started reminiscing about when he was a small puppy. That’s when I remembered that all of the puppies we originally looked at were located north. I pulled out my laptop without saying a word to Jared, and started searching. He asked what I was doing and once I told him, with a smile on his face he said “do it!”

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Honey the day we brought her home

It took a couple of hours and process of elimination to decide on what dog would be best. We knew we wanted a bigger dog than what Mozza is and any dog we got had to be hypo-allergenic due to my allergies. That’s when we decided on “Jasmine” the goldendoodle. She was brown with pretty white fur on her tummy and face. I saw that the breeder’s number was listed in the description and I shot her a text even though it was 10:15 p.m. I immediately got a response saying that Jasmine had been sold earlier that morning, but her sister was still left. She sent us a picture of Honey and I instantly fell in love. I thought back when we got Mozza and how he wasn’t the puppy we originally went to see, but instead he was the one we were meant to have. Everything happens for a reason and both Mozza and Honey were meant to be O’Hara’s.

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Once it was time to check out of our airbnb, instead of driving to New York City for the night, we drove to Ohio to pick up our new baby. It was a long, anxious drive because I was scared we would travel all the way there to discovery she wasn’t right for our family. When we finally pulled up to the house, there was Honey running full force off the porch, stumbled, and face planted. That’s when I knew she was the puppy for us (lol). She was fat, fluffy, and super sweet and playful. So we put her in the car and started home. We didn’t tell anyone about her before making the decision to keep her. We wanted to surprise our family, especially our young niece and nephew. They all thought we were crazy since Mozza still acted as though he was a puppy himself. And trust me, having two dogs is so much different than one!

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Now, were all getting used to the new normal. Mozza is learning to share and is warming up to having a friend to play with at all times. Jared and I are remembering the little training tricks we used with Mozza, and Honey is learning that were her new family. Jared and I are so excited to watch her grow up to be a cuddly, red teddy bear!



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