Trends I’m Loving Right Now

Hey guys! The other morning while I was getting ready to do some Christmas shopping, I found that I was pairing some serious trends together in my outfit that I’ve been obsessing with lately. I’ve gotten more comfortable in the last year with my style and being confident in what I am wearing. I would always buy clothes that I thought were cute and a little different, but usually reframed from wearing them to avoid being judged… stupid does that sound? No one became successful through following the shadows of others around them. Same goes with fashion. Whether you’re a cosmetic queen or a fashionista, people appreciate diversity and uniqueness through all things. Which is exactly why I have chosen to live my unique-self. That could mean I’m totally obsessing over basic trends, or I’m feeling a little edgy in my look; but either way, I will do what makes me happy! And some of these trends have done just that! 

Hair Bandanas 

In the late months of summer I have really jumped on the hair bandana wagon and have collected my fair share of these accessories. They are so cute to pair with any kind of style and add a little somethin’, somethin’ to your outfit. I fell in love with the ones from Madewell and my mother-in-law even added to my collection with some of her favorite from when she was young. I love pairing them with a flowy top, long skirt, and my hair half-up half-down. Or you could tie them around your neck for a more “day in Paris” look. They honestly could dress up or down an outfit depending on what you’re looking for. The bandana queens are and Kristin Johns . I always look to their social medias for inspiration when I feel lost with an outfit. 

 Turtle Necks 

Okay, I’m not sure if this is anything hot and new at the moment, but I’ve been really loving them lately and that’s turtle necks. I remember hating them growing up as a child, but mostly because I hated my round face and I thought they accentuated it. Now that I am older and I have embraced what the good Lord has given me, I will proudly rock all the turtle necks! A nice tight fit, black turtle neck with the scalloped sleeve looks amazing with a cute pair of patterned slacks. And don’t get me started on chunky cow neck sweaters! Life changing. You can find my two recent favorites at Target and Anthropologie (but sadly, this one is no longer listed on their website 😦 ).

Patterned Slacks 

The outfit choice listed above leads me to my next obsession at the moment, and that’s patterned slacks! I’ve found myself recently reaching for these kinds of pants in my closet rather than a pair of jeans. It really can dress up an outfit, but also allowing you to remain comfortable throughout day. Putting together an outfit becomes easy when the pants do all the talking! You just simply pair with a neutral colored shirt/sweater and some booties and you’re good to go. The only hard part is telling yourself not to wear them everyday! The pair I’ve been wearing non-stop were actually only $8 from a second hand store downtown called Ashby! They’re especially perfect for the fall season since they’re a burnt orange color. Another pair were from the clearance section at Target! only $12 and so worth it. Don’t feel like you have to break the bank when buying trendier items, you just have to keep your eyes out for those unbelievable sales 😉 .

Clogs, clogs, and more clogs

This specific item of clothing has taken over my style in the last four months. They honestly are the most unique piece to add to your wardrobe and by far the cutest. I love pairing my clogs with everything from a cute dress and neutral cardigan, to a pair of boyfriend jeans and a cozy sweater. And don’t get me started on how adorable a pair of clogs are with frilly socks! Now that the colder season is among us, I will be investing in some different styles of clogs and I can’t wait to add more to my collection. I can feel a serious obsession coming on.. (lol). I got my pair from a tiny store down the street of my old apartment, but Lotta from Stockholm has all kind of styles and colors to choose from!

(If you look closely, you can see where Honey chewed them…welp)

Let me know if you enjoy reading posts like this and I hope I gave you some ideas of new items to add to your closet! 🙂 




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