Baby O’Hara, Coming November 2019!

Okay…this post is W A Y overdo! I’ve known that I’m pregnant since the beginning of March and I am just now getting around to writing about it (at the end of July). Honestly, I’ve been a little MIA for the simple reason that I’ve had so much going on with my life that I was truly overwhelmed! Since my last post I have started a new job (yay for Pre-k teachers!), Jared and I moved into our first house (hello home improvements!), and we found out I’m pregnant with our first little babe (give me all the baby kisses!). So actually, overwhelmed is an understatement! But with all the new changes going on in my life, I find that happiness radiates through me and changes bring so much more fulfillment in my life! This little baby boy is about to make me the person I’ve always wanted to be, a mom!

Back in February we had the biggest achievement of finding our first home! We had looked for months, toured probably close to 20 houses, and even had a contract on another home that evidently fell through. We had no idea at the time, but it was all leading up to finding our perfect starter home where we will eventually begin our family. It was built in 1948 and placed in the middle of the cutest town! When I say this house is old, I mean O L D. It has all its original wooden doors, glass door knobs, hardwood floors, and plenty of rooms so we can grow in this house.

About a month before closing on the house, Jared and I were sitting on the couch kinda just doing our own thing. I was on my phone while he watched TV when I started playing a video on YouTube. It was this girl I follow on social media announcing that she was pregnant. She had mentioned that she went off birth control and it took about five months to conceive. I had no idea Jared was even listening, but that’s when he stopped me and asked if that was common for most women. After responding with the, “everyone is different” comment, that’s when he threw me for a loop and said “we should start trying for a baby now”. UM, WHAT?! I jumped up and assured him that this was a very important decision and we had to talk about it and decide together. We have been discussing kids for a very long time, and we knew as soon as we had a house that we would start trying, but I was honestly just surprised that he actually wanted to start! After talking it over for awhile we both came to the decision that we should start trying to conceive.

I had a week left of birth control, and every day leading up to it I asked Jared if he was 100% sure of our decision (lol). With each day it only became more and more clear that that was our next step in life. Once we started trying, I soon realized that waiting for that positive test is agonizing! With each day I wondered if I was pregnant or if we’ll have to try again the next month. When it came close to my period time I went out and bought a pregnancy test. Most you can test up to four days early, but I was a little eager so I tested it at five days :P. It came back negative. That was a little disappointing, but I just went on with my weekend like normal. I was convinced I wasn’t pregnant and Jared encouraged me to wait until I missed a period to take another one. But something was telling me I should take one more test (two days later) just to be sure. I didn’t have any symptoms, but it’s almost felt like God was saying to do it. So I took another test and it had a faint positive sign…

Jared was in disbelief, but being a woman I knew that even if it’s faint it’s still most likely positive. I was freaking out at this point! We then ran to the store to grab a digital test for a more clear response. And what do you know, “pregnant” pops up across the screen. Just thinking back on it makes me giddy. I am so incredibly thankful that God blessed us with the ease of conceiving on our first try. I know so many women have the heartache and frustration of trying to conceiving and failing time and again. Or maybe they’re able to conceive, but aren’t fortunate to carry out the pregnancy. We have dreamt for so many years of raising a family together, and God blessed us in so many ways to allow us this journey of a home, a family, and a future!

Now we are settled into our home, working on a nursery for a little baby, and throwing out possible names for him (which we are 98% sure we have decided on a name 🙂 ). I would love to continue sharing my journey of pregnancy and experiences of first time parents. This blog truly is my creative space, and now that I feel less overwhelmed (and myself again) I want to create some helpful and truthful content for my readers!



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