First Trimester Update

I can’t believe that I am already well into my second trimester and this baby will be here in less than four months! Where did the time go?! When I first discovered I was pregnant (and even before because, hello, baby fever) I read up on all the mamas out there on social media about their pregnancies and what to expect when I’m expecting. Some of it was intimidating and scary, and others were general knowledge. But no matter how much you prepare or think you know before experiencing your first trimester, something will for sure throw you for a loop! I want to be honest and real about my journey to motherhood, so you’ve been warned about the truths I’m about to spill. But in all honestly this process so far has been beautiful and amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The First Trimester is Always the Hardest

I discovered I was pregnant very early on in the process, so for the first few weeks I had no symptoms that I was creating another human. It honestly put me in denial for awhile. But once it hits, there’s no denying it! I think my first sign was constipation (gross, I know) but once your body starts prepping for baby, it slows everything else down! Including your digestive system. So not only did I feel sluggish, but not using the bathroom contributed to a lot of discomfort.

The biggest and by far the HARDEST part for me in the first trimester was fatigue. At the time I was working 9 1/2 hour days with a short break, on my feet all day, with the exhaustion of caring for twelve four year olds. Add in the extreme fatigue you get from pregnancy and I almost couldn’t function. I would come home on my lunch break, immediately pass out on the couch, go back to work, come home that evening and sometimes sleep shortly after that. There was one day I was so tired I slept 12 hours straight through the night! Your body is going into overdrive at this point and your hormones are going crazy, all your body wants to do is rest. So let’s just say I took many naps those first three months until my energy came back in the second trimester.

For most women, their first sign of pregnancy is the sore breast. Although my breast were tender, I wouldn’t say they were overly sensitive. I was waiting for this symptom to kick in, but it has honestly been on and off since conceiving. One week they’ll be so sore I can’t wear a bra, and the next I hardly notice a thing. Fullness started early on though. Even though my bra size didn’t go up in those first three months, they felt heavier and fuller.

Okay, I know you’re wondering if nausea made an appearance those first few months. Don’t worry, it did (lol). There were some days in the beginning where nausea came and went very quickly, but around week 6 the throwing up started. It lasted weeks 6-9 and were most common in the morning when I first woke up. This is when I had to start calling out of work because I couldn’t even remove myself from the toilet to make it into work at 7am. After a few days of claiming I was sick with a “stomach bug” I finally had to come clean to my manager at work. They made things a little easier for me by placing another employee in my classroom so I could run to the restroom any time I needed to. Luckily, the sickness lasted a few short weeks and then I was back to my normal eating self!

Another interesting (but common) symptom women get is the heightened sense of smell. In the first few weeks of pregnancy I noticed that smells were stronger than normal. My sister brought in this sandwich she had bought at the store, and although it looked delicious, it smelt terrible and turned my stomach. I’m not even kidding, I could smell it from two rooms away! Before pregnancy I hadn’t notice a lot of smells like that.

This next symptoms is by far the most annoying. And I’m comparing that to the vomiting…it’s acne. Just a heads up ladies, if you struggled with acne as a teenager it missed you so much it comes back when your pregnant… That’s the last thing you need happening! I hadn’t changed my routine in any way and had a very good skin care routine, but there was no escaping it. Not only did I break out terribly on my face, but I broke out in places I never had trouble with before like my chest and back! I started using witch hazel which helped a little, I still ate healthy and drank plenty of water, but there was no controlling it. You just have to ride it out! It calmed down by my second trimester once the hormones settled down. So if you’re pregnant and are having this issue, just know its not forever!

These were the most unforgettable symptoms I experienced in my first trimester and so far, truly the hardest! I have been so blessed this pregnancy with an easy go of things. I also knew it was going to be tough and tried my best to look on the bright side of things which always spreads the load out a bit. So many women have way worse pregnancies and a rough nine months rather than a rough couple of weeks. So my praise goes out to you! No matter the symptoms, it still isn’t easy creating another life. It’s tiring and a toll on your body that you can’t really prepare for. But there are so many other parts that make it all worth it! Like feeling him kick for the very first time (but that will be in my later blog posts 🙂 )! Thank you so much for taking the time to read up on my journey into motherhood. If you’re a soon to be mom, or a wise mom with some advice, I would love to hear your experience in the comment section!



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