FabFitFun Fall Box 2018

It’s that time again! My fabfitfun fall box has arrived and I’m ecstatic to try out the new products and share with you some of the treasures that lie within! This box really put me in the spirit of the season with its distinctive autumn colors and cute images such as scarves, coffee cups, leaves, and umbrellas. Pretty much all the essentials of a great fall season!

One of the reasons I joined the fabfitfun community was to open myself to new products that I would have never known about. It usually always includes items that I’ve never heard of with opportunity to learn about them through the fabfitfun magazine they include.

The goodies I am most excited for this season would be the Vine Camuto faux leather bag, the Simply Whimsical kitchen towels (I love a good kitchen accessory!), Dew It All total eye cream, Catherine Malandrino floral print umbrella, and lastly, the Alfred French Press Coffee Brewer!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Vine Camuto’s faux leather tote is the perfect fall accessory! It’s a classic shade of brown with the trendy black stripe down the middle, making it easy to coordinate with any outfit. With it’s soft interior and handy pocket, I will be using this bag a lot this season!

I’ve been in the market for a good total eye cream so I was so excited when I opened my box to find just that. I’ve always had issues with dark under eyes and crows feet (I guess I just smile too much, right?) Even in my early 20’s I feel like I can already see the aging occur. Since your eyes, hands, and neck are the first to show your age, be sure to show them some love and moisturize daily! So I will for sure be taking advantage of this beauty.

You can never have enough kitchen towels. Especially if you’re like me and live with very messy boys. Yes Jared, I’m talking about you and Mozza 😛 The cute grey and white stripe pattern goes great with my neutral color pallet.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m cheap when it comes to some things. One of those being buying necessities like an umbrella. You only have to buy a few umbrellas in your lifetime, and maybe even less than that if you splurge on a good one. But when I’m in the store and see one, my thought is, “hmm, maybe next time.” Immediately I regret it once I get caught in the rain. The Catherine Malandrino umbrella I received in my box will for sure save me the hassle of getting caught in the rain next time. And with the adorable, colorful pattern, it will brighten up any rainy day!

Fabfitfun, I want to thank you for supporting my coffee pot/maker addiction. I love a good cup of joe on a Saturday morning with my hubby, and I love using them as decorative pieces as well. It has almost formed into a little collection, with all the thrifted coffee pots, mini french press, and now a big french press. I love french pressed coffee the best during the mornings of our camping trips at Lake Moomaw. I can’t wait to pack it for our trip in October!

Fabfitfun fails to disappoint me and with each new box I look forward to the next one. Now that I have received my fall edition, I feel like I’m ready for the season to come! With the holidays right around the corner, this would be the perfect gift for friends or family members! Which is exactly what I think I will do 🙂



FabFitFun Review

This past winter Jared surprised me with a subscription to FabFitFun for a Valentines/anniversary gift, and I couldn’t be more grateful about it. In February I received my first box, that was supposed to lead me into the season of spring, and after it arrived in the mail, it felt like Christmas or my birthday all over again! It was so exciting to discover what was inside and after opening my first box, I knew the summer edition had to be documented.

If you haven’t heard of FFF before, it is a subscription for a seasonal box filled with merchandise that fit your preference at a discounted price. Each box is $49.99, but the value of the items are way more than what you spend on the subscription. For example, the summer 2018 box was worth $367.99 with all the items I received. And each lotion, makeup, face cleanser, etc. is the full size sold in stores! They don’t send you the cheap travel size or the testers. They’re all the real deal. What more could you want?! The best part about what is inside, is that it’s all products that you wish you had, but couldn’t justify spending $50+ on. It’s treating yourself without emptying your whole wallet.

When you sign up for FFF, you answer questions about yourself so they are more aware of what you would want to receive in your box. They ask what kind of skin you have, that being sensitive, oily, combination, etc. They also ask you what your hobbies might be and if you enjoy things like makeup and exercising. They ask your size in clothing, and if you rather have lipstick or eyeliner. Literally anything you can think of, they ask. This is to ensure that what your receiving in your box isn’t unsatisfying to you and your wants. So far, with the last two boxes, I haven’t been disappointed in what I was given, and I get excited about every product presented to me. I love every time I get an email saying it has shipped, and I would highly recommend purchasing it for yourself, or sending it as a gift to a friend or family member! Who doesn’t love treating themselves?


First off, how cute is the box itself? So colorful and fun, it can put anyone in the summer time spirit! Each box comes with a mini magazine explaining all of the products and the original price. It also has some great tips on how to use the items and beauty tips.


One of the coolest parts about this box is that it came with a cardboard straw that says “this straw saves marine life.” Inside the magazine is a note from the Wildlife Conservation Society on the harmful use of plastic straws. Giving up straws has been one of the hardest adjustments in my day to day life, but I try my best to help limit the waste of plastic for our environment. I even have a few metal straws to supplement when I can!



This seasonal box was full of lotions! My box came with a brightening exfoliator, a papaya enzyme mask, organic sunscreen, and a muscle gel.


I haven’t gotten around to trying this product yet, but I am always excited to try a new exfoliator! The original price of this Vasant brighten up enzymatic face rejuvenator is $45. That right there in itself was almost as much as the whole box all together!


I tried this peel last night for the first time after my shower. It was interesting to me because it felt more like a gel than a mask like I am used to. You apply it to dry skin for ten minutes and then rinse with warm water. It went on clear, and smelt wonderful. It definitely left my skin feeling refreshed and smooth.


Okay, this was by far the coolest thing I got from this box. It is a Foreo Luna fofo face cleanser that has the ability to detect your skin type, how to improve your skin, and what age you are, all by using it when you wash your face. There is a free downloadable app that goes with it when using the product. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet because my face wash is grainy, and it suggest not using it if that is the case to avoid damaging it, but I am so excited to give it a try. It uses Bluetooth technology to know when you have successfully cleaned your skin and helps you through the app the whole way. The original price of the fofo is $89!


I’ve heard of this product before and was always curious to whether it was worth the money or not. I used it before working out in the yard this afternoon, and so far no sunburn! It’s not thick like a lot of other sunscreens which means its quick to apply and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily. The price of Coola sunscreen is $32.


How cute is this ring holder from Pier 1? No one could ever have enough ring holders throughout the house. I like to keep them in my bathroom and bedroom for when I need to shower or take my jewelry off for the night. This ring holder goes for $14.99 in stores.


Tarte is a product that is all the rage right now. A lot of the Instagramer’s and YouTuber’s that I follow can’t stop talking about how much they love their Tarte markup. I even had bought my own Tarte highlighter to test out. And I can’t forget to mention how amazing it smells! Every product so far smells like sweet coco. This Tarteist Pro glow highlighter and contouring palette is the perfect accessory to anyone’s makeup bag. The price for this palette is originally $45.


This aromatherapy lotion is meant for de-stressing over-worked muscles and joints. It’s made from essential oils that are known to help calm and warm your body. It has ingredients such as rosemary, black pepper, lavender, and ginger. You simply apply the cream to your overworked muscles and massage it into the skin. It will do the rest for you! A bottle this size goes for $39.

Again, I am amazed with these boxes and the products that come inside. The fact that the box is only $49.99 a season, with full priced products, is worth it for sure. I will continue to subscribe to FabFitFun and I’m so excited to see what is in store for the future shipments!