Preserving My Wedding Bouquet

Hey everyone! I had a fun idea for a little DIY that I thought some of you might enjoy. Especially for my girls out there who are getting married or have just gotten married and can’t seem to part from the little details that were so beautiful; like the flowers. That was me when it came to my wedding bouquet. The flowers were the most important part to my wedding decor and after seeing my wedding bouquet I knew that would be a piece of my wedding I never wanted to forget. After roaming through a little boutique a couple of months before the wedding, I visioned the perfect way to preserve my bouquet after it was all said and done. There were these two sided gold frames that I imagined would work perfect for pressing flowers. So after my wedding, I carefully gathered petals of all the different colors, that varied in size, and placed them between pages of some heavy books. Don’t forget to collect some of the leaves as well! It adds character to the placement later on! After a few weeks they should be completely dried out and ready to hang!

I found a frame on sale at Michael’s that was a lot bigger and cheaper than the ones I found in the boutique originally. And the good thing about Michael’s is that they always have coupons online! I can’t find the exact one I used , but I’ll link below some frames that are similar!

As always, thanks for reading and I would love to see some of your own creations of wedding decor DIY’s in the comments below!