Keeping Your Goals a Secret

There’s an important life lesson that I have slowly stumbled upon in my last few years of college, and that is if I want to succeed in something; something being a goal, a hobby, life changes etc., keeping them a secret is the key to accomplishing those goals with flying colors.

This has been a life experience for myself while in school because college is most certainly a time to discover yourself and understand your true interests. I’ve often changed my attitude about healthy life choices, discovered activities that I enjoy doing and want to continue doing, and the struggle with these life changes is that I always find myself giving up on the challenge, not devoting enough time, or feel discouraged from continuing. I’ve always heard that if you have a group of people behind you to encourage your new interests that you are more likely to succeed. I don’t entirely agree or disagree with this statement…

I have great friends in my life, and we share many of the same interests. Sadly, I find that sharing my hobbies or goals with my friends became an on going competition. So many of my peers want to be the best at everything, get into avocations that aren’t necessarily their style (everyone wants to be a part of the latest trends), and they want to be noticed as the person who is the most passionate for that specific thing. I get that. Especially because I have found myself doing the same on occasion. But the older I get, the more I realize that my passions and goals are for myself, not for everyone else. I am a firm believer in expressing yourself and showing the world of your true colors, but I just want to help my readers achieve that end goal of being a true “yoga guru,” “insta fit model,” or “foodie” without the competitions of your peers or the discouragement of those around you.

I first discovered this motto about three years ago with my fitness goals. One day I woke up and decided I was sick of how my body looked and I wanted to change that. I wanted to make healthier life choices and feel my strongest and best self. When I told my friends about my goals and aspirations, they couldn’t be more supportive. It wasn’t until I actually started losing weight and showing results that they became a little less ecstatic about my journey. They would make comments about how silly it was that I watched what I ate, and they definitely didn’t agree with how often I went to the gym. The way that I train isn’t for everyone, but I started to realize that my peers were just angry at themselves for not making those changes in their lives. I would sometimes get discouraged with the way they reacted over my results, but I soon learned to keep my mouth shut and to stop informing them on where I was at in my journey. Fast forward two years and I can’t even count on one hand of how many of my friends have requested my assistance in helping them change their fitness goals to succeed, so they look the way that I do. If I didn’t stop informing my friends of my goals, I would have probably given up on myself a long time ago. But I found that keeping it to myself and just letting my actions do the talking, that I have created my best self who is stronger than she has ever been and has the body she has always wanted.

I don’t want you (my readers) to think that I don’t believe in encouragement of others or think that support isn’t the way to go. A lot of the times it is the only way. If you have a goal to change in your life because of a serious health issue, than support groups and close friends and families are terrific ways to accomplish those goals. All I am saying is to make sure that your friends and family are truly supportive of what your are doing and want to see you succeed. My fiance Jared is that person for me. I would have never made it this far in any of my hobbies or goals if I didn’t have his support. In the end, your goals and hobbies are about making you happy and successful and at the end of the day, if you are truly passionate about something, people will take notice!



Author: LEARNandBEwithme

I have a passion for reading, writing and social media. I created this blog as an expression of myself to connect with others out there with the same interests as I do. I want this to be a domain for creativity and acceptance where we can all learn and be together!

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